Hi! I'm Yve, The Dancing Birder

I'm a birder. I'm a dancer. I'm a tennis player. I'm a warrior. I'm on a mission! Follow my daily journey as I travel the country chasing birds in my quest to achieve an ABA Big Year! Bring it on 2017! #teamYve

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A week in da life:

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Sunday 12/3/17 Dusky Thrush in Sitka, Alaska Monday 12/4/17 Green-breasted Mango in McAllen, Texas (no sleep) Tuesday 12/5/17 Dipped on Barnacle Goose in Lehigh, Pennsylvania Wednesday 12/6/17 Drove to Hartford,

I love Mango with my coffee!

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#808 (752 old ABA) for 2017, is Green-breasted Mango, a large tropical Hummingbird delighting birders this morning at Quinta Mazatlan in McAllen, Texas. #youcansleepwhenyoudie #birddancerepeat #bigyear2017