2017 Big Year Final Results!

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I added 319 life birds during my Big Year, while flying the equivalent of 5 times around the world! My final totals were 813+4 in the ABA Region and 757+4 in the old ABA.

Joe Lill, a Big Year Historian, has been tracking Big Years and inputting every bird we see into a spreadsheet that he provides to all the ABA Big Year birders.

I can’t believe the work he has put in! Not only do I have a spreadsheet for my year but I can compare it to previous Big Year efforts.

Below are the final results for 2017. Left to right: Yve, Victor Stoll, Ruben Stoll, Gaylee Dean and Richard Dean. Gaylee and Richard did not include Hawaii.

As you can see, I had 490 Code 1s, 221 Code 2s, 67 Code 3s, 30 Code 4s and 9 Code 5s.

A huge thank you to Joe Lill for mining this data for us.

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