30 July 2017 – South Hills, Idaho

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Cassia Crossbill, the new endemic bird species in the South Hills of Idaho. Recently split from Red Crossbill and not even on eBird yet!

Year bird #709 for 2017!!!

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  1. Craig Benkman says:

    Can you tell me where in the South Hills you photographed the male Cassia Crossbill? Me and my students have been banding them and sightings of birds where both legs and the bill can be seen well are valuable to me. Thank you.

    Craig Benkman

    1. The Dancing Birder says:

      Hi Craig,
      Sorry for my late response. So glad you reached out because I didn’t know who to contact. We saw a male and female together and had a chance to hear them as well. They were near the entrance to the Porcupine Springs campground area. You can friend me on Facebook if you need more info.

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