Day 15 – Chiricahua Mtns., Portal, AZ

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Day 15 – Chiricahua Mtns., Portal, AZ

My total species for 2017 now stands at 306! Today I added Streak-backed Oriole, Blue-throated Hummingbird, Scott’s Oriole, Hutton’s Vireo, Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay, Curve-billed Thrasher, Ladder-backed Woodpecker, Gambel’s Quail, Green-tailed Towhee and Mexican Chickadee.

The drive to Portal in SE Arizona is lonnng but you’re rewarded upon arrival to a spectacular view of
the Chiricahua Mountains rising to almost 10,000 feet. Another beautiful desert landscape that I was fortunate to experience so quickly after Anza Borrego in CA.

My guide and friend, Ken Blankenship worked his magic 2 days in a row helping me locate all but one of my targets. We’ve worked hard and the weather has been iffy again (rain keeps following me!) but we’ve managed to have many laughs.

Ken didn’t realize that his services would include having to cook our dinner at Rix’s Tavern in Wilcox. What a hoot!!!

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  1. Ed Kemnitzer, aka, your biggest fan says:

    Go get that Elegant Trogon that eluded me in the spring of 2013; wildfires prevented us from entering the Chiricahuas from Portal. Glad you have time to enjoy the luscious views of the west!

    1. The Dancing Birder says:

      The Chiricahuas are breathtaking but I’m heading to VA finally!

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