Day 16 – Santa Cruz Flats, AZ

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Day 16 – Santa Cruz Flats, AZ

Today was a mixed day. Added some good birds but my main target, the Rufous-backed Robin just didn’t cooperate. Ken got to see it through the scope for a minute but I could never get my eye on it.

A Big Year involves making a million little decisions every day. I chose not to chase the Nutting’s Flycatcher and then dipped on my other target. Oh well, I leave AZ in the morning with 314 birds YTD!

I added 8 species including Sprague’s Pipit which was a tough bird and I’m thrilled to have seen it. I also had Sagebrush Sparrow, Lark Bunting, Lark Sparrow, Dusky Flycatcher, Mountain Plover, Harris’s Hawk and Greater Roadrunner (finally)!!

Tomorrow I will be in VA with my extended family and some much needed rest. Til my next adventure, adios!

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