Day 165 – Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, DE

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I was going to rest this week and spend some time with my father. I was with him for one day before the reports of Little Egret and Little Gull started to make my head spin. After begging forgiveness, I drove to Delaware which was only a short distance from Northern Virginia😀.

I called David Fleischmann to see if he wanted to join me. You may recall that earlier this year, David went out of his way to get me on a Northern Saw-whet Owl near Baltimore. I wanted to pay it forward.

I had also spoken with Jeff Gordon, President of the American Birding Association, and was planning to go by ABA headquarters afterwards and spend some time with him. Better yet, he decided to meet me at Bombay Hook.

You have been reading about many of my trials and tribulations involving “the chase.” Today was an exceptional day–a “rainbows and unicorns” kind of day. Plus, it was nice and hot! If you’ve never gone birding at Bombay Hook, put it on your list.

We pulled up to Raymond Pool where a group was already assembled with scopes, enjoying the Little Egret cavorting with a group of Snowy Egrets. You could really observe the differences between the two. Aside from the obvious 2 long plumes on the Little Egret, it is larger, has gray lores and appears longer-billed.

Jeff brought Bill Stewart along and to my surprise, Bert Filemyr and Michael Rosengarten were also there. Raymond Pool was like a birder’s dream! 2 rarities in the same area, the Little Egret and the Little Gull. Also rare for Delaware, a White-faced Ibis in beautiful plumage, feeding with a group of Glossy Ibis.

It isn’t often that you get to spend an hour watching the behavior of a rare bird up close! Of course since I’m height-challenged, the “little” jokes were to be expected.

Jeff asked me what other birds I needed in the area and then proceeded to make sure that I saw all of them.

After stopping in at ABA headquarters in the quaint town of Delaware City, we took a nice stroll at C & D Canal Wildlife Area where I added Willow Flycatcher. One of the highlights of my day was finally getting a decent picture of this bird. A nice wrap-up to a glorious day of birding.

Now unless an Ivory-billed Woodpecker shows up in VA, I’m not chasing anything the rest of the week. Time for Dad.


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