Day 190 – Bar Harbor, Maine

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I made it to Bar Harbor today and decided to spend the day hiking and treating myself to a giant lobster at Thurston’s Lobster Pound in Bernard. As a fan of Gilligan’s Island, I love the reference. I’d eaten here on a previous trip and loved the food and atmosphere.

Birding was not a goal today. I brought my camera and binos to dinner just in case. Fog started rolling in and soon there was no visibility. I love fog so after dinner I decided to take some pictures on the docks.

I saw one bird diving and sure enough, it was a Black Guillemot–my first one this year. Nice, easy tick. I was enjoying the solitary display when I heard a little voice calling.

This small child was waving to me so I made my way to his dock where his father was working on a boat. His Dad told me that “Jamison” wanted to give me a hug. Just like that.

A Black Guillemot and a hug from Jamison.

Sometimes you get what you need.

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