Day 200 – Becoming Part of History

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Today is one of the most important days in my life. I just became the third woman in history to be in the “700 Club”. I have now seen or heard 700 species of birds in the ABA region (which includes the United States and Canada) in one calendar year!! I join Lynn Barber and Laura Keene in this elite group.

Both of these women have been nothing but supportive in my quest. I thank them for paving the way.

I have travelled endless miles and endured harsh conditions to finally get my number 700(+2 provisionals). There is a real symmetry in getting my 700th bird on day 200 in the California Gulch in Arizona.

Last August I came to the Gulch with Patty O’Neill, guided by Ken Blankenship. We were trying to find Buff-collared Nightjar. We never did. We did discuss the possibility of me doing a Big Year and the seed started to grow.

Tonight Ken and I braved the flash flood warnings and went to the Gulch. We had 6 Five-striped Sparrows and my #700. Buff-collared Nightjar!

I am thrilled beyond words.

To all of the badass women out there who get it done every day, this is for you!

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  1. Sue says:

    Congratulations on this terrific achievement! I hope to get 700 in my lifetime. Doing it in a year is simply amazing.

    1. Thedancingbirder says:

      Thank you Sue. It used to be my goal too…then I decided to do it in one year!

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