Day 203 – Sorry Nome! There’s no place like home.

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Phew! My car WAS at the airport in Fort Myers!! I know this sounds ridiculous but I really wasn’t sure anymore. I have a car in Florida and a car in Virginia. I sometimes park at the airport, many times I Uber. The car was there for a month and I really can’t keep mental track anymore. I even took a picture of my parking spot, then forgot I had the picture.

Last week I was at the United counter losing my cool because they couldn’t find my reservation. The ticket agent finally says to me “Ma’am, you’re on Delta.”

The amount of travel involved this year makes all details blur together. Every time I check into a hotel room, I forget my room number by the time I go get ice.

In the last two weeks, I have flown from Maine to the Seward Peninsula in Alaska, Alaska to California, California to Arizona, Arizona to Florida.

I have travelled this circuitous route, to all 4 corners of the U.S., 3 times this year!! I have logged close to 70,000 miles in the air.

You would think this would entitle me to all kinds of airline perks. You would be wrong! I always have to fly last minute, at the highest price, worst seats, worst routes and on different airlines. No way to build any kind of airline loyalty.

Flying is just the beginning. Once I get to a city, I have to rent a car and drive varying distances (usually far) to get to remote birding destinations. By the time I actually get to go birding, I can’t wait to hike.

I am sedentary way too much this year and it is taking a toll on my body. I joke that I didn’t realize a Big Year meant that I got Big! Road food + no tennis or dancing= Disaster.

Still, it’s been worth every single mile.

Tonight I actually get to sleep in a strange bed–mine!! On the agenda tomorrow: Black-faced Grassquit and American Flamingo.

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