Day 219 – Oh, won’t you please take me home…

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When I reached the 700 mark, my brother Carlos commented “Congratulations to my sister, a competitor since she was old enough to walk.”

I have been very lucky in my life. I have a brother and a father who included me in all of the traditional male hobbies when I was growing up. Fishing, camping, sports. My brother and I are only a year apart so the sibling rivalry started early. I wanted to beat my brother at everything!

My father was tough on us. Excellence was expected. Some children wither under this expectation, I thrived.
My father made me believe that I was capable of anything!!

I became aware of a glass ceiling as I got older. I didn’t care because I carried around a sledgehammer. I have always tried to change the perception that women are the weaker sex.

In my 20s, I was a competitive bodybuilder at a time when even Wonder Woman on TV had no muscles.

I majored in Landscape Architecture but went into the male-dominated business of Commercial Landscaping. I was a Vice President at the age of 27 and had 60 male employees. I was never given any special treatment, I earned it.

This is my first time home to my family to celebrate my achievement. It is also my week with Dad. My father doesn’t give out compliments easily but I know I’ve made him proud.

To all of my male friends–the best thing you can do for your daughters, sisters and mates is to give them the confidence to go out into the world believing that they can accomplish anything.

Me and the Hungarian bull, Sandor, when we could still enjoy our love of wine.

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