Day 236 – ….we’re up all night to get lucky….

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Island Scrub-Jay is my number 728 in the ABA Region for 2017!! I am now in the Top Ten all-time for ABA Big Years.

A silver sea crossing from Ventura, CA to Channel Islands National Park was a nice surprise this morning. Santa Cruz Island was my destination to see the endemic Island Scrub-Jay, one of my last land birds in the continental US.

I’ve been in CA since last Thursday. I started in San Francisco where I did a pelagic on Saturday, boarded a plane, then spent another full day on the water in San Diego. These 2 trips were incredibly successful.

I’ve been working my way back up the coast from San Diego to Monterey stopping along the way to see friends, visit birding sites and finally make it back up to Monterey where I have yet another pelagic in the morning! That’s 4 pelagics this week. So far, the waters have been calm and the birds abundant!!

I’m glad I saved a few “easy” birds for this stage of my journey. I’ve had such a good time on this trip. It’s not often that someone helps me drive. My friend Ken Walsh has been with me the last few days sharing the job. And what a job! We got off the water at 6 pm and are now driving almost 5 hours to collapse and get up at 5.

Hope to write more tomorrow night.
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