Day 249 – …When the Loon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s a year bird!..

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This morning we had strong North winds again. Our early morning sea watch had surprisingly big waves. Many were breaching the hilltop where we sit.
The winds were favorable for my target Emperor Geese to fly by. We didn’t see any Geese but we did see a Yellow-billed Loon in the horizon flying North in beautiful light.

After a couple of days with nothing new, number 737 was really satisfying.

My mind keeps drifting back to the news at home in Florida, of the impending Hurricane. Not having reliable internet is adding to the anxiety.

With this wind, the bone yards are pretty empty. After warming up and having a hearty lunch, I’m heading back out for a cold afternoon of gazing out at the sea.
Who knows what might fly by next??


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