Day 25 – Weslaco, TX: Estero Llano Grande SP

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Bird count: 344 species!

I arrived in Harlingen last night. I quickly found out there ‘s no Uber here. No problem, I’ll get a taxi. A half hour later, no taxis and absolutely no one at the airport except for me and the tumbleweeds. An airport employee finally came by and told me he had a friend with a “taxi” and he could take me to my hotel for $25. He arrived eating his dinner(I kid you not!) and joked that not too many people come to Harlingen on a Tuesday night. Lucky for me, I speak Spanish and we soon became buds.

Today I was birding at one of my favorite parks in America. Ok, I know what you’re going to say. “Yve, you say that about every place you go.” Well, there ARE many great birding hotspots in this country and maybe this year I’ll have a new favorite! For now, Estero Llano is the place I brag about to anyone who will listen.

Yes, it’s beautiful and yes, it has lots of ducks(which is enough!). I tallied 72 species there today, 19 that were new for 2017!! That’s what makes this place incredible. In the same park you can see American Avocets and Plain Chachalacas (I just love saying that!)

I quickly met some other good birders and we helped each other out throughout the day. We split up in the afternoon and I decided to continue trying to find the female Blue Bunting that had been reported a few days earlier and that I had been looking for since 9 a.m. I was finally rewarded and saw the bird(or so I thought!) Apparently, the bird that’s been seen is a female Indigo Bunting! Darn.

I finished the day in McAllen at the Parakeet roost. I’ve added pictures of the quantity of birds on the powerlines along this commercial strip. It is a spectacle that cannot be described.

Overall, an exhausting day but very satisfying.

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  1. Tommy Goodwin says:

    Good luck on your year! We will be trying to keep up with your adventure. It was great to see you were able to get the golden crowned and tropical parula today, while we sat around waiting for the rose-throated becard. We got the becard and even picked up that silly little tyrannulet!

    1. The Dancing Birder says:

      Congrats!! What a great day for all of us. Nice meeting you guys. Happy birding!😎

  2. ed kemnitzer says:

    Anyone who finds a nightjar in leaf litter is my idol!

    1. TheDancingBirder says:

      I think that bird is glued to that spot Ed!

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