Day 252 – It’s the eye of the Taiga, it’s the thrill of the fight!…

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Today in Gambell, it was raining rarities. We packed our bags last night thinking that we might not have a chance today. We were so right.

First, Paul Lehman found a Little Bunting. A couple hours later, a Taiga Flycatcher! What a nice going away present. The Little Bunting was number 740 for me for the ABA Region for 2017!! I came here wanting to add 6 species. I leave with 9 new birds.

I had seen the Taiga Flycatcher on Attu but never got a picture. I was able to change that today! Meanwhile, at the far boneyard, the Thick-billed Warbler originally found by the Stoll Brothers, was relocated. Unfortunately, our Bering Air flight was leaving at 4:45 and it was 4:30 so we could not enjoy the bird again.

I feel certain that the remaining birders on the island will continue to add to their growing collection.

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