Day 257 – …Now watch me whip, whip (watch me Nene)…

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You didn’t really think that the Dancing Birder would miss the opportunity to use this song, did you?? Especially after seeing the Hawaiian national bird, the Hawaiian Goose–the Nene.

Yesterday I spent a great day birding with Lance Tanino and a couple of other birders in the rainforest at Hakalau NWR. We were able to see the whole list of endemics, my favorite being my namesake, the Iiwii (pronounced Ee-eevee).

We also saw 2 of the 3 Raptors on the island. The Short-eared Owl(Hawaiian) and Hawaiian Hawk.

Such a contrast to last week in Gambell. It got up to 100 degrees and 3000% humidity and I loved it!!

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