Day 263 – …”Baby I got your number, and I know that you’ve got mine…”

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“Dipping” is never fun. To dip (to chase a rare bird and miss) on a Duck, hurts double. I love Ducks and I really, really wanted to see the Masked Duck in Oklahoma.

This made me recall my worst “DIPS” of the year.

1. Missing on 3 Code 5 birds in 3 consecutive days. Cuban Pewee, Loggerhead Kingbird and Cuban Vireo. The fact that no one else chased them successfully was no consolation.

2. Driving 10 hours to miss on Jabiru.

3. Flying to AZ, going to California Gulch and spending the day looking for Nutting’s Flycatcher. Still hurts.

4. Spending 2 full days on towers at Santa Ana and Bentsen/Rio Grande Valley SP looking for Hook-billed Kite. Not only did I not see one, the very next day, it was reported.

5. Masked Duck.😫

On the other side of the coin, here are 5 beautiful birds that were “drive-ups.”

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