Day 29 & 30 – Laredo, TX and San Antonio, TX

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I leave Texas with my bird count at 360 species!!

Sunday morning I started at the Laredo dump looking for Chihuahan Raven. Birding isn’t always done in beautiful parks. As a matter of fact, many tedious hours are spent in not-so-pretty environments.

I then headed to a municipal golf course on the outskirts of town. Big contrast! I met the General Manager, Dennis Gutierrez, who graciously gave me a golf cart and access to the course in search of my targets. Saw a lot of great birds but only added Gray Hawk to my list. Dennis is going to keep me in the loop if any other birders find anything rare.

Highway 35 between Laredo and San Antonio is rapter paradise. I saw so many Crested Caracaras, I lost count!

My last stop near San Antonio was an agricultural area near the jail where Short-eared Owl and Swainson’s Hawk had been seen. I arrived at a perfect time to do some successful owling and watch an incredible sunset.

Wrapped up the day meeting my nephew Evan at La Gloria in “the Pearl” district. Really nice to share a
good meal with someone I love! The road can get pretty lonely at times.

New birds to my list were Chihuahan Raven, Gray Hawk, Vesper Sparrow, Short-eared Owl and Swainson’s Hawk(which I went back for after missing it last night).

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  1. Ed Kemnitzer says:

    Well, just remember we’re thinking about you back here in Naples. Raptor alley sounds wonderful . We’ll miss you at our regular Tuesday at the Garden. Last week Dan and I had a great look at a Yellow-throated Vireo; a lifer for Dan. When you come back to Earth we’ll enjoy sharing stories and a Tuesday or two at the Garden.

    1. Thedancingbirder says:

      Miss my birding “husbands”!!! Thrilled for Dan…he’s becoming quite the birder. Soon he’ll be challenging our I.D.s!!! Trying to get back to Naples in the next few weeks.

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