Day 3 – Miami, FL

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DAY 3 – 129 ABA BIRDS and counting

DAY 3–Miami birding with Carlos Sanchez today. Carlos is a wonderful guide and all-around good guy who I love to bird with because he walks really fast like me and we both love sushi! Starting at 6 a.m. we did some extreme birding in the urban jungle, visiting 13 different sites and adding 16 new birds bringing my total to 129 ABA countable birds. You can see from the pictures, we were quite productive while I drove like a maniac pursuing some of the same birds I saw a month ago! Not pictured because my photos were unusable is the Groove-billed Ani which we saw late in the afternoon. We wrapped up the day with some owling where we saw a beautiful Barn Owl out hunting in front of this amazing sunset!

Meanwhile, back home in Naples my “birding husbands” found a Smooth-Billed Ani at Naples Botanical Gardens!! Need to get back.


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