Day 318 – “Oh baby, when you caw like that, you make a woman go mad….Como se llama…Tamaulipas…mi Cuervo..”

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I don’t think Shakira was talking about a Crow.

I left the idyllic scenery of Hawaii to fly to Texas and head to the Brownsville dump to see a Crow. A very special Mexican Crow called Tamaulipas. Hadn’t been seen in many years around these parts.

I saw Bill Sain there. I also met an 11 year old birder named Sophie Martinez, who wants to be a wildlife photographer. She’s well on her way.

Birders aren’t always birding in paradise. Ive spent countless days this year at dumps, sewage ponds, cemeteries and parking lots. #bigyear2017 #birddancerepeat #youngbirders

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  1. Sondra Walling says:

    I was so tempted to drive to Texas, and they are still being spotted so who knows I may just! Congrats!

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