Day 4 + Miami, FL

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DAY 4 – 144

My last “tick” of the day and number 144 for the year is Smooth-billed Ani! Thanks again to Carlos Sanchez for finding this bird today. We started early this morning looking for owls. I always love birding in the dark with flashlights like kids!

We added Eastern Screech, Great Horned and Eastern Whippoorwills by 6:15. Then it was off to the beach for shorebirds. Some nice birds at Crandon Beach in Key Biscayne while we waited for Bill Baggs to open and our real target: the Western Spindalis female that ended up being a no-show today.. Bummer! I just had this bird a month ago. It started to pour so we took refuge at a fabulous Lebanese restaurant and fueled up for the afternoon to hike the L-31W canal by Everglades NP.

On the drive over is when Carlos spotted the Ani. Game-changer!! This is what I love about birding. You never know what’s going to happen.

Drove back to Naples after a very long couple of days.

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  1. Ed Kemnitzer says:

    Now it just wouldn’t be possible that your numeros uno and dos ” birding husbands” gave instructions to that Smooth-billed Ani seen in Naples to look for you on the east coast? Yes, birding is grand; can’t wait for the Cali. trip.

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