Day 42 – Estero Bay Preserve SP and Lehigh Acres, FL

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Home sweet home!! I just got back to Naples last night and got into gear right away.

With my ridiculous wish list in hand, I met my friend Eary Warren at 7 a.m. at Estero Bay Preserve SP to look for Nelson’s Sparrow, Saltmarsh Sparrow and Sedge Wren.

Keep in mind Eary had to leave by 9 to make it to his daughter’s Birthday party in time (yes, this is typical birder behavior). The last time that we twitched together we had an 8 Sparrow day–in Florida!!!

In less than an hour, we had all 3 of our targets and they were all cavorting in the same spot. We had to stand there for a half hour in disbelief as the birds posed for pictures! We even had 4 species of Wrens.

We parted ways at 9 and I still had plenty of time to look for Snail Kites. I headed to Harn’s Marsh in Lehigh Acres and before I even got to the site, I had a Snail Kite in one of the canals.

I was back home by 1 with plenty of time to attend to laundry and a month’s worth of mail. Days like these you just pinch yourself.

Tonight The Dancing Birder is putting on her 4″ heels!


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  1. Willie Malpass says:

    I got my lifer Snail Kites along a canal in Lehigh Acres, too! We, too, were on our way to Harn’s Marsh, having missed the kites the day before. We were very excited to spot them on top of posts and then watch them hunting. 🙂

    1. The Dancing Birder says:

      Got my lifer in a hotel parking lot.

  2. Willie Malpass says:

    Not implying that was *your* lifer, of course. 😉

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