Day 42 – Estero Bay Preserve SP and Lehigh Acres, FL

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Home sweet home!! I just got back to Naples last night and got into gear right away.

With my ridiculous wish list in hand, I met my friend Eary Warren at 7 a.m. at Estero Bay Preserve SP to look for Nelson’s Sparrow, Saltmarsh Sparrow and Sedge Wren.

Keep in mind Eary had to leave by 9 to make it to his daughter’s Birthday party in time (yes, this is typical birder behavior). The last time that we twitched together we had an 8 Sparrow day–in Florida!!!

In less than an hour, we had all 3 of our targets and they were all cavorting in the same spot. We had to stand there for a half hour in disbelief as the birds posed for pictures! We even had 4 species of Wrens.

We parted ways at 9 and I still had plenty of time to look for Snail Kites. I headed to Harn’s Marsh in Lehigh Acres and before I even got to the site, I had a Snail Kite in one of the canals.

I was back home by 1 with plenty of time to attend to laundry and a month’s worth of mail. Days like these you just pinch yourself.

Tonight The Dancing Birder is putting on her 4″ heels!


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