Day 61 — Haymarket, VA

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I haven’t been posting this week because I’m back in VA helping with my Mom. Birding has not been on the menu until tonight. My buddy Tobin Hardwick called me to see if I wanted to meet him at dusk at Leopold’s Preserve to watch American Woodcocks displaying. Ok, get your minds out of the gutter!

Last year, I spent countless hours birding Prince William County, VA (my second home) with Toby, yet this was our first time birding in 2017!! He hasn’t qualified for “birding husband” status yet, but he’s a provisional.

We heard the “peent” call pretty quickly. We just weren’t seeing the birds. The male Woodcock’s nighttime aerial display is a magical sight to see! It was pretty cold so we took a shortcut through the fields and flushed one. So darn cool to see this unique bird.

I’m so happy that #433 was an American Woodcock shared with Toby. #BigYear2017 #TeamYve

Toby and me!
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  1. Toby Hardwick says:

    With the wind gusting over 30 mph I doubt we could have seen the display. Lucky we decided to take that short cut they the field sans ticks and got the bird to flush. BTW the yellow border goes right thru my teeth(they aren’t yellow) and my wind whipped hair isn’t flattering either!

    1. TheDancingBirder says:

      It’s not about you.🙄😝😍

      1. Toby says:

        I concede.

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