Day 91 – April Fool’s Day at Santa Ana

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NWR and Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley SP, Texas

I am not prepared to talk about the loss of my mother. I can’t get anywhere near the pain yet.

We were very different, Mom and me, but we could always find common ground in the natural world. So today I went birding as I often do, to work through pain.

I came back to the LRGV in pursuit of the Hook-billed Kites recently seen. I spent countless hours today at both Hawk towers at Santa Ana and Bentsen looking up at the sky til my neck was stiff. No luck. It didn’t help that we had 20-30mph winds!

I’m afraid of heights anyways and that constant shaking up in the towers had me rattled. After 7 hours of Hawkwatching, I came away with 2 Swainson’s, 2 Broad-winged and a few Harris’s Hawks. I’ve seen more raptors this week at my sister’s feeders!!

I did manage to add 7 birds today to bring my total for 2017 to 471 species! The highlight today was seeing my 12th Owl of the year: Elf Owl at 8 p.m. at Bentsen.
Other goodies were Lesser Nighthawk, Hooded Oriole (both male and female), Clay-colored Sparrow, N. Beardless Tyrannulet, Red-crowned Parrots and FOS Chimney Swifts.

Tomorrow I will return to the tower to try again!


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