Day 95 – King Ranch, Norias Division, Texas 4/5/17

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Today was my first time at King Ranch even though I’d heard so much about it. Basically, it’s the only place you can go now in the U.S. to reliably see a Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl. I came to Texas to primarily see this precious bird.

King Ranch is an 825,000 acre private cattle farm. It is the largest ranch in Texas. It’s also a huge wildlife preserve as well as a hunting mecca. I not only saw my first Impala, I also saw Nilgai. Large, deer-like creatures that weigh about 700 pounds.

I know that the price to go on a tour seems prohibitive to some, but I felt it was so worth it! We had a group of 7 avid birders including a couple from Marco Island (practically my neighbors in Naples) who are doing an anonymous Big Year as a couple. I had to come to Texas to meet them!

I also had an opportunity to see Tropical Parulas again. This time I saw several including a hybrid. Good thing I went back for my camera stuff.

The birding was great but the vastness of this habitat is what really impresses you. I’m leaving tomorrow to go home to Naples and I feel blessed to have added so many great birds.

Please don’t mention Hook-billed Kite to me. Ouch!!

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