Days 132-133 (May 10 & 11) – The Biggest Week in American Birding. Maumee Bay and Magee Marsh, OH

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After my successful trip in Arizona, it was hard to leave the desert for the shores of Lake Erie. I was seeing so many great birds and the reports from Ohio were a little disappointing. I decided to go anyways!

I’m enjoying my Big Year and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to see my old friends. I also wanted to finally meet Laura Keene and many other birders that are following my Big Year and whom I’d never met.

The Boardwalk at Magee Marsh cannot be described to the uninitiated. The sheer number of birders and photographers from all over the world is enough to make you want to turn around and run! Finding a parking space can be like going to a sporting event.

For someone who likes to bird alone, the Boardwalk is like running a gauntlet. Every time I come, I’m shocked that all of these people are here and the birds don’t seem to mind. It calls into question people’s perception that you have to be quiet while birding.

Everyone is here for migrating Warblers, of course, but I decided to feature the unsung birds of the Marsh–the brown birds! My favorite colors have always been Brown and Cream.


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  1. john and flo ann easton……. says:

    Hi from Columbus
    where the weather is not good for birds or people ..

    Enjoy following your ventures…..
    ….i can not believe what you are accomplishing……

    John and Flo Ann

    1. The Dancing Birder says:

      Thanks! Attu was amazing.

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