Days 92-94 – LRGV Birding from Salineño to Port Isabel, TX

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I came to Texas and have been birding furiously, even for me. Just looked at my eBird and realized that I’m at 491 species after today which means I’ve added 28 birds since I arrived!! I’m very pleased and a little shocked.

After leaving my camera gear at my hotel in McAllen, I had to drive back yesterday and change my plans entirely. I was frustrated so I went to Estero Llano Grande to regroup and do some pleasure birding. There I met 3 great people, Lisa Anne Cancade Hackett, Gayle Ann Bachert and her husband Del.

We shared some laughs and some good birds and they invited me to dinner. Not only that, Lisa insisted I spend the night at her place which was much appreciated. We went to “Nana’s Taqueria”, which I recommend if you’re birding this area.

Yes, I stayed with a total stranger. We ended up drinking wine and telling our stories and feeling completely comfortable with each other. Thanks Lisa!

Today we started the day early, birding at a golf course where the superintendent had seen a Black Rail the day before. A group of Lisa’s friends went with us and 2 of us got good looks but no pics or audio. I’m pretty bummed cause this will be a very tough bird to get again.

Our next stop proved to be a shorebird bonanza. Port Isabel Reservoir, where I racked up 4 year birds. I was pretty light in this department when I got here so it was easy to get a lot of birds with migration rolling.

Tomorrow I go to King Ranch at 6:30 a.m. So I’m wrapping this up and dreaming of Owls tonight.



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