Happy Owl-o-ween!!

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Here are most of the Owls I photographed during Big Year 2017. Enjoy! 👻

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  1. James says:

    There aren’t any owls on my life list of 128 (yet), but they are one of my favorite groups of birds. Great photos! And per your suggestion, I joined the Connecticut Young Birders Club, and went on my first trip last weekend! It’s great to be with like-minded kids.

  2. James says:

    Not trying to spam or anything, but Tamaulipas Crows have returned after seven years of absence in the ABA area. And a Corn Crake on Long Island! I live in Connecticut, but my parents won’t let me go. Still, two new birds for this year for you!

    1. TheDancingBirder says:

      The Crake is dead. The Crows are not being seen and I’m still in Hawaii. Not chasing anything on the mainland.

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